Frequently Asked Questions

When is Quillmane coming out?

We are already live! We have launched on Oct 7 2022.

Expansion Timeline:

Kunark 3 guilds to clear content OR Friday, 21 April 2023
Velious 3 guilds to clear content OR Friday, 27 October 2023
Luclin 3 guilds to clear content OR Friday, 12 April 2024
PoP 3 guilds to clear content OR Friday, 4 October 2024

LoY will come up for a community vote after PoP is beaten. Re-votes will happen every so often.

LDoN will come up for a community vote approximately 2 months into LoY. Re-votes will happen every so often.

GoD will come up to community vote approximately 3 months into LDoN. Re-votes will happen every so often.

OoW will come up to a community vote after 6 months of GoD or when 3 guilds beat the content. Re-votes will happen every so often.

How can I play?

Check our Forums for the 'How to Play' guide.

When are the expansions going to be released?

We are currently going with 3 unqiue guilds to beat the end content of the era or ~6 months of the expansion, whichever comes first. ** maybe subject to change..

What will be the last expansion?

We have decided we are going to at LEAST Planes of Power. There will then be a vote for Gates of Discord release when the 3 unique guilds beat Quarm / or 6 months is up- if the majority vote wins it will get released and same with Omens of War.

The server will not go past Omens of War. 

Is there a boxing limit on Quillmane?

For server launch the boxing limit is 12 accounts on Quillmane** and we also allow the use of MacroQuest within reason, meaning that you can use it to help you box but we have additional code to monitor warping or anything of that nature. For further information for MacroQuest usage, please see the question below.

** This is subject to change - we want everyone to be able to start out on launch without huge armies going around.

Can you give me more information on Raid Instances?

We will be offering raid instances of the zones, so for classic we will offer your own Instance of Soldung B & Permafrost (more to come). So that everyone can have a shot at raiding with their guilds, open world content will still exist and you can obviously do open world AND instances for double the loot!

You will find the NPCs to trigger these instances outside of their respective areas, ie. Lavastorm for Soldung B, and Everfrost for Permafrost.

The instances will have 5-7 day lockouts so you can't keep doing it over and over.

Where is Quillmane hosted?

Quillmane is hosted on the east coast of the USA on an Amazon web server, we will be able to scale up the resources if required if the current 'server donation jar' allows it! If you are 54 boxing please consider contributing towards the project.

What am I not allowed to do with MacroQuest?

We allow the automation of playing charcters, all macros that help you play your characters are fine.

Guild Buff Bots/Player buff bots/rez bots are OK.

Automating skill ups is fine - so long as you are not spamming others. Try and find somewhere quiet to do so. You may get kicked if you decide to do it in the middle of EC tunnel or the Freeport Gates..

Warping/Zoning is NOT ok. We have anti cheat measures in place to monitor this and persistent offenders will get suspended and then banned.

Fully AFK playing your characters is frowned upon - but as a boxing community I appreciate that a lot of us have busy work/family commitments and it can sometimes be the only way to level. So I have found a good compromise to this and will give some examples:

- If you are exploiting AFK... let's say spawning a mob over and over and AFK killing it. This will result in a suspension and repeat offenses a ban.

- You are full AFK in the middle of Sol B killing multiple camps, with multiple named in it. This will result in a suspension and repeat offenses a ban.

You are in a small camp out of the way with no named and AFK. This will be OK so long as I don't get multiple reports saying you are pulling others mobs/camps.

- You are AFK setup in one camp pulling 1-2 named. This is where it becomes a bit of a grey area because a person that is actually at their computer may need this particular named for a quest or a drop and you are AFK preventing them from doing so. This is where you are at risk. Whilst I will not ban you immediately if I notice you doing this, I will give a warning if reported by others. Multiple offenses will result in suspensions.

Can I donate to the project?

While donations aren't required to play, we do appreciate any help we can get to run the server as we will need it to maintain the longevity of the server. I am happy to pay out of my own pocket for the short term and may run donation drives for small incentives going forward if donations are running low.

We will eventually have donations coins per $1 donated to the server in which you can trade those in for non game breaking items/Titles and we will give additional coins for recurring donations setup.

A few ideas we have so far - which are subject to change:

- Race Illusion Items - 75 coins

- Various Titles - 25 coins

- Custom Title of whatever you like - 100 coins

- 5x 25% XP Boost Potion - 50 coins

We also have a Patreon setup here which has the added bonus of being better value if making recurring donations.

Updated: 6th October 2022 - Updated boxing limit from unlimited to 6.

Updated: 18th October 2022 - Added some MacroQuest rules & expansion timeline at the top.

Updated: 13th Feb 2023 - Updated boxing limit to 12 and removed buffed raid boss section.