Kunark Donation Drive

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the server so far! We are now running a small server donation drive for Kunark with an incentive 'server goal'. The server currently costs $40/month to run and Kunark is approximately 4 months away so that's $160 to hit Kunark server cost wise so long as we don't have a huge influx of players which may cause the AWS to cost a bit more.

Here are my current ideas for tiers, when you get to tier 4 you would get the tiers prior to that too:

$40 - Tier 1 Unlocked - 50% Bonus XP (14 Days)
$80 - Tier 2 Unlocked - Classic Legacy Loot Extension - Guise/Manastone etc (21 days)
$120 - Tier 3 Unlocked - Instanced Lower Guk made available for Manastone/Guise Farming (allowed AFK in own instance, OW still forbidden) for as long as the classic legacy loot is in.
$160 - Tier 4 Unlocked - Hate & Fear Armor Drops Doubled, Box of Abu Kar drop rate from 1000/1 chance to 500/1 chance for 30 days.

Note as of Patch 1.2 the classic items are now OFF. If we hit the server tiers they will re-enabled for the timeframe given above. If we exceed Tier 4 and go well above I will think of a tier 5!

I will also be looking at Patreon rewards for those who sign up for that as a thank you for support. Perhaps Origin, Summon banker and something along those lines.

Thanks all for your help!

Donate Here (Requires website login for Donation Coin Rewards)